Jason Aldean Concert

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In our effort to improve the safety and efficiency of the I-29 corridor, it is important to understand how the corridor functions for users at key times. On January 28th, KLJ collected traffic data for the Jason Aldean concert. In doing so, we monitored the event and ran computer models to evaluate how much delay the typical driver faced. Our findings showed that traffic flowed very well considering the magnitude of the event: 14,500 in attendance! Click this link if you’d like to review our full study.

But that’s just the information we collected; we want to hear from people who attended the Jason Aldean concert and what your experience was like getting to and leaving the event. What did you think about traffic flow to-and-from the event on the interstate and surrounding interstate ramps?
Recently, KLJ also studied a few different hypothetical event scenarios such as a future 2040 event with increased traffic volumes to evaluate how traffic will flow to-and-from the Alerus Center on the interstate and surrounding ramps. One future scenario we analyzed was a maximum capacity event (21,000 attendance) taking place on a Friday in December.
This is significant because event traffic would overlap with retail traffic during the holiday season along the busy 32nd Avenue commercial corridor. Our findings showed a scenario with a maximum event attendance on a Friday in December would result in long delays and congestion on 32nd Avenue far greater than a typical 5 P.M. rush hour scenario.
These are just a few examples of the ways we are evaluating the performance of the I-29 corridor, and we look forward to hearing your stories and experiences. Please share them below:

• Have you ever experienced any significant delays attending events at the Alerus Center via the interstate?
• Did you attend the Jason Aldean concert earlier than you normally would have due to the increased security? Did this reduce your drive time?
• What other events have you attended at the Alerus Center (football games, shows, etc.) and how were traffic conditions?