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The draft report is now available for review online! This includes updated versions of past reports as well as new additions, including an Implementation Plan (Chapter 8) and an Executive Summary. Below is a summary of everything that is included in the draft report.

1. Executive Summary.

The Executive Summary included a summary of project approach and engagement activities (public involvement, steering committee, Technical Advisory Committees and others). The Executive Summary also included a summary of key issues improvement and implementation plans.

2. Existing Conditions Report.

The Existing Conditions analysis identified existing conditions along the study corridor, including land use, traffic operations, safety, multimodal facilities, infrastructure conditions, lighting and access management.

3. Future Conditions Report.

The Future Conditions analysis identified future conditions along the study corridor through refined traffic forecasts based on a variety of scenarios. It developed 2025 and 2040 traffic projections and operations.

4. Alerus Center Event Report.

Alerus Center Events analysis evaluated the impacts a major event at the Alerus Center, located west of I-29 between Gateway Drive/US 2 and DeMers Avenue/ND 297, has on current and future operations of the interstate.

5. Environmental Conditions Report.

The Environmental Conditions analysis identified the affected environment and established the purpose and need for the project, which was used later to evaluate alternatives.

6. Macro-Level Alternatives Report.

The Macro-Level Alternatives analysis used the project purpose and need statement, cost-benefit analysis and cost-effectiveness analysis to evaluate a variety of grade separations, interchanges and red river crossings that altered regional traffic patterns to reduce network wide delay and miles travelled and should be included in future infrastructure scenarios.

7. Micro-Alternatives Report.

The Micro-Level Alternatives analysis evaluated each of the four existing interchanges and two future interchange opportunity locations to identify necessary improvements such as loops, lane configurations, traffic control, turn lanes and other improvements.

8. Implementation Plan.

The Implementation Plan created a project development and programming framework for infrastructure needs throughout the study area.

Check out one or all of the reports and enter comments into the Comments tab of the website.

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