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A place to find information regarding the Interstate 29 Corridor Study.
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To date, the I-29 Corridor study has identified recurring congestion expected by 2025 at Gateway Drive and DeMers Avenue and by 2040 at 32nd Avenue. This congestion spills onto interstate mainline creating friction and increasing crash potential. Past memorandums identified opportunities to impr...read more
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WHAT’S THE PROBLEM? EDIT (10-20-16) Link to videos depicting future congestion issues in study area. As outlined in previous reports, future population, employment and subsequent traffic growth is projected to dramatically increase congestion at many of the key I-29 interchanges over the...read more
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Traffic Operations Current and Future One of our goals is to make sure the I-29 Corridor operates efficiently well into the future. Today, delay and congestion are minimal within the corridor, with traffic flowing exceptionally well on mainline I-29. However, a few pockets of congestion ...read more
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In our effort to improve the safety and efficiency of the I-29 corridor, it is important to understand how the corridor functions for users at key times. On January 28th, KLJ collected traffic data for the Jason Aldean concert. In doing so, we monitored the event and ran computer models to evalu...read more
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